All You Need To Know About How To Apply Our Lustre Gloss

The Mazari Lip Lustre Glosses are so Fetch, just like Gretchen Wieners would say. 

Lip Gloss has been on a roller coaster ride over the past few years, from being totally in to totally NOT! It’s safe to say that this roller coaster ride is heading uphill since Lip Gloss is back and here to stay.

It has evolved from only being used on the lips to being used all over the face.

Here are a few ways to use the Lustre Collection.


  • Lip Gloss always applies better on exfoliated lips, so to ensure silky application make sure you use a lip scrub beforehand to remove all the dry and chapped skin! 

  • To soften the lips and to provide it with a bit of moisture after exfoliation, apply a lip butter. While waiting on the lip butter to soak into your lips put on your favourite song and have a moment! 


  • FINALLY! Your lips are now ready for the big step… applying any beautiful shade from our Lustre Collection. This shade is perfect for a casual day out OR a rocking night out! 

    When applying the Lustre Gloss start on your bottom lip and work your way up to your upper lip. Your lips are now covered with liquid happiness! While you will be enjoying the Lustre look, your lips will be enjoying the moisturizing benefits of Vitamin E and Coconut oil, which ALL our products contain. Enjoy!

    And that’s a wrap! 

    The Eyes.

  • Invest in a good eye primer which will help you create a flawless canvas for application. All you need to do is apply a small amount on your lids and dab it in circular motions.

  • First it is important to know that a cream of gel-based eyeshadow should be used for smooth application. Match your desired eyeshadow to your favourite shade of our Lustre Collection. Although our lip glosses are already highly pigmented, it’s your choice on how pigmented you want your eyeshadow look to be, with that being said it is perfectly acceptable to ONLY use the lip gloss as your eyeshadow or use a lighter shade of eyeshadow as the base before applying the lip gloss to the eyelid.

  • Removing makeup is crucial before heading to bed, especially after rocking that high gloss look!

    Use makeup remover that is eye-friendly or simply use water to remove. Be as gentle as possible since your eyes are a sensitive part of the face. 

    On another note: 

    I’ve been using the Lip Lustre Glosses constantly for about 3 months now and it has genuinely improved my lip texture. I used to have dry lips at random times, and now I feel like those times are over. I hope that this collection will help you in any way it can, whether it is to soothe dry lips or make you shine like a diamond. 


    Mazari Beauty